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9/15/14: Second Meeting of the Year and 9/22/14: Third Meeting of the Year

Hi everyone, Hope you’ve been enjoying the school year so far!
Thanks to everyone that came to our first meetings on 9/15 and 9/22. We really appreciate your continued support!
On 9/15, the members watched funky Japanese videos. They were quite a hit and subtly taught a good bit of Japanese culture!

On 9/22, we watched the Japanese movie Kikujiro. Everyone was really absorbed in the atmosphere of the classic Japanese flick!

Stay tuned for next week’s meeting on September 29 at lunch in room E1A! We hope to see many of you there!

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9/8/14 First Meeting of the Year!

Hi everyone, Hope you’ve been enjoying the schoolyear so far!
On 9/8, we had our first meeting of the year. We were happy to see some new and returning faces! Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting at lunch!
We started with officer introductions, and followed wtih a game of “Evolution Janken”, a rock-paper-scissors game where the objective is to win consequtively to go from egg to phoenix! Every time a person lost, they get demoted by 1 level. The levels were “egg”, “chicken”, “hawk”, and “phoenix”.
It was quite a hit! Members all tried really hard, and everyone’s level fluctuated over and over. The winners were treated to lychee Jell-o.
Stay tuned for next week’s meeting on September 15 at lunch in room E1A!

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Visit Us During the 2014 Orientation!

Come to Mission Japan’s Booth on Orientation Day (8/19 for Sophmores and above, 8/20 for Freshmen)! Enjoy seeing some of the finest products in Japan! We hope that you will join us for a fascinating year of Japan’s culture and other traditions!

By signing up for our email list, you can receive free candy and AP/SAT/ACT books as well.

-Yao Liu, Publicity officer (2014-15)

MSJJpn Promo

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Movie Poll

Hello Mission Japan! Next meeting we will be watching a movie, but we want you guys to vote! You may vote for one movie. The movies are:

1. The Great Yokai War
Trailer here

2. Porco Rosso (Hayao Miyazaki film)
Trailer here

3. Shiawase no Pan
Trailer here

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10/21/13: Sports Day Meeting + Important Announcement!!!

Hi everyone, hope homecoming was a week to remember! This week we talked about Sports Day in Japan and got everyone to their feet to follow some exercise videos. We even watched some epic dance videos by 【アルスマグナ】(ArsMagna) & 【ぷぷっぴどぅ~】(BoopBoopBeeDoop).

As mentioned in the past few meetings, Mission Japan is trying to organize a group trip to SF Japan town over the Veteran’s Day weekend (Nov. 9-11). We are still working out the details, but it would be a great help if you could answer this short questionnaire about your availability! Click here for the poll.

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9/30/13 Meeting: Japanese Homes!

Hey everyone, this Monday we had a great presentation about Japanese homes (plus tips for foreign students like yourself!) If you’d like a copy of our president’s powerpoint, here you go: Japanese Homes

We also watched the Japanese Tradition video on apologizing! We hope you had a good laugh, and it’s on youtube here!

See you guys next week 🙂

JQ, Publicity